Your Mindset Is Your Most Important Asset

1. Confidence You Can’t Even Shake Off

“Your body changes your mind.” Amy Cuddy

Most support for confidence draws on the “fake it ‘til you make it” straw. Essentially you own the world from an actor’s point of view, until you start feeling comfortable enough to step in.

It works for some people.

But there really is a deeper awakening that can change your body and your mind.

When you understand that we are all here together, connected as beings on the earth, with far more similarities than differences, it affects your life.

As you recognize the lack of need to prove yourself to anyone, to wear a mask for no one, it frees up a lot vital chi, or life force energy that you can use in more productive ways—like genuine connection.

Connecting with others is good for our hearts and our immune systems.

So, next time you’re feeling like you need a boost of confidence, check your consciousness. There’s a better message waiting for you to take hold of.

2. Could You Be Loved?

We all seem to be in the process of learning to love ourselves more.  When Bob Marley sang, “Could You Be Loved?” I think many pondered that deeply.

In truth, most of us have no idea what love is—but we’re learning! And feeling love is a feeling like none other. Therefore, practicing the love vibration is something that should become contagious. Hopefully, it will become an epidemic.

If you weren’t taught how to love and be loved as a child, and you’ve grown up to become an adult with depression or anxiety, chin up, because it’s never too late.

We’re all learning to be kind and compassionate to ourselves, and to honor our entire process. In a way, the life of each one of us depends upon it. Learning how to love ourselves is an unfolding and an adventure.

For some really quick amazing snap adjustments to your mindset, love yourself a lot by watching this video:

3. Speed Up Your Process By Checking Your Limits

We have all kinds of tickets and penalties for people who break speed limits. If you’re driving too fast or recklessly, you’re most likely given a ticket with a high fee.

Does all of life reflect such consequences?

Yes, but in different ways.

With consciousness comes an awareness of limits. All of sudden people recognize they’ve been holding themselves back. Although it’s a slight contrast to the traffic scenario, there’s still a fee and a fine.

Knowing is one thing, breaking free is another.

Once we recognize the limits we’ve placed on our lives, we can create new ones.  We simply take back our own authority and in essence, issue ourselves tickets for freedom.

4. Cures For Minds on Rewind

It’s not always about being positive.

Sometimes being negative is a message about a build up inside of wrong messages you’ve been connecting with.

Everybody and everything needs regular checkups. We get our oil changed in our automobiles every so many miles. So if our minds are showing us a warning sign that it’s time for an oil change, I think we better pay attention.

Oil helps a car run better, more effectively. If it gets dirty, it can’t do the job it’s designed to do. Same with our thoughts; they run through our body connecting to and creating belief systems that run our experiences.

If our circulating thoughts are not clean, our effectiveness can backfire.

Whether it’s depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or any other form of thinking that works against our well being, a check up is in order.

Check-ups and tune-ups are best when we connect with outside help.

Need help knowing where to go? Help your mindset here.

5. What Causes Isolation?

The sense of being lonely isn’t always a reflection of being alone, in a physical environment. 

Some people get lonely in social gatherings or in relationships. Others do feel lonely in their own presence.

What causes this sensation?

I know a lot of people who are delighted to have time alone. And I know many who love to connect with others.

Our perspectives have a huge impact on our ability to feel good. Being present and accepting of each moment can help shift a discomfort into comfort.

Many times the outside world is speaking to the inside one, and vice versa. Loneliness can offer many messages. One big message may be the importance of accepting and allowing true connection with self.

For more insight:

6. Can You Trust Fear?

Fear has the ability to instigate a chronic grip. Meaning, we become afraid to let go.

Control, like so many other concepts of “safety,” is an illusion. We are creative creators and yet there will always be an aspect of the unknown, the “beyond us,” that is at play in our lives.

Love, trust, and fear are all degrees of faith. They are different temperatures in response to life and our ability to surrender to something bigger than our knowing, our understanding, or even our holding.

Pain also speaks to us to help us let go. It begs for release. 

Healing asks permission to come. Through pain, fear, and with an offering of love, through trust, it asks for us to let go—to surrender what is known. This way, love can appear.

7. I Can See Clearly Now

Looking into a crystal ball sounds like a really good idea.

It’s easy to think your way into confusion these days. It’s a rampant and everywhere in society.

Chasing your tale and working hard, not smart, happens quite a lot.

To be a crystal clear seer is to understand that things are not always as they appear. It’s the freedom to not get lost in the illusion of what your eyes may see or even your body may be projecting.

There’s a free space between casting our creative goals into the world for manifestation and then meeting them, waking up inside of them. Within that space, you can choose to see clearly with your third eye knowing or you can let the old pictures, images, worst case scenarios pull you back into the same old reality.

The choice is yours.

8. What To Do When Your Skirt Or Pants Are Nailed To The Floor

Life is made of cycles.

The moon, seasons, nature in general, teaches us to turn with life.

In 24 hours we have daylight and darkness. So too, our human lives. We have productive cycles and times of renewal.

There are times where it can feel like we are going nowhere fast. These can be short necessary times or they may stretch into longer ones.

The wisdom of these pauses is to allow deep interior connections that can be expressed in the external world at the right time.

If this transformation starts to take longer than one wants to give, it can create a sense of panic.

Fresh air is always a good choice to give here.

Connecting to others in the outside world can help balance the intensity of the internal seeking.  Before you know it, you’ve found your way, like a seed in a garden, and you’re ready to burst upward and outward again.

9. Fed Up With Self Help

What if you’ve done it all already–and it just doesn’t seem to work?

Shazaam. Pow. Bang.




Before you start kicking yourself or something near you, take a deep breath and realize there is a bigger process at work here. It’s a specialized, individualized plan just for you.

Breathe. Connect to your center. Feel what you’re feeling. Do not judge it, turn away, but embrace it. Learn to be fearless with your feelings. Learn to be honest with your truth.

Kinks in the road are disguised gold. If we take the time to go deep and pull them out, we’ll zoom ahead with a greater freedom than we’ve ever known before.

There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s everything right with you.

Alignment is a continual art. Growing deeper in the knowing of who you are is far more important than anything you’ll ever manifest. Ultimately, you knowing you is the supreme manifestation.

Next time silence comes, embrace it. Trust it. Discover it–the “you” in the middle of it.

10. How To Get The Big Bucks Fast

Everybody dreams of being rich, but how many can truly receive the riches?

Although most would be quick to say, they’re ready and able—just as many soon realize there are lots of other beliefs crowding the way.

True abundance is spiritual knowing, a heightened form of consciousness, a filter with no resistance.

If you’re asking for big money and not yet receiving it, you may want to review your own energies and vibrations around it.

Do you feel prosperous now?

What is your mindset around money?

How often do you offer gratitude to your current lot?

Are you able to recognize the favor and graces that greet you each day?

Can you comprehend your own value?

If the world was blind and you passed by, what would you feel like? Do you know?

11. Speak Loudly – No Words Allowed

Affirmations and talking about dreams, a better world, etc… are powerful ways to create and nurture your mindset.

But something speaks louder.

The energy of your body is sending out its own affirmations and creations. Your aura, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies are speaking just as loudly, if not louder, to the world around you.

If you’re wanting to know what they’re saying—look at your life. Consider the circumstances and situations.

Meditation clears your energy.  It can help your bodies come into alignment with what it is you’d like to experience. 

Breathing calms the nervous system and grounds the center of you to become more aware and better owned. In this way, you are at peace and one with your desires.

Check yourself, don’t wreck yourself.