Use Your Body Talk To Get Likes

The mind-body connection is huge. How we feel and move is directly related to what our mind is processing, how we’re feeling.

Watching people is a great way to understand this better.  Notice how some bodies stand tall and others are slumped down. There’s a palpable energy in the air around people who walk with a “lightness” in their step.  It’s the same with those who seem burdened by the world. There’s a “heaviness” all around them. Bodies are speaking to other bodies all the time, although many may not be aware of it.

Consider the act of waiting in line and the different ways people lean, stand, or twitch, as they pause in a stance. It’s easy to sense what a person is feeling by the way their body moves and holds a pose.

So too, do we speak to each other with our bodies when we’re meeting each other. Most of us are putting our attention on what we’re saying or how the other person is looking at us, but our bodies are saying so much too.

Want to use body moves to your advantage?  What if there were key things your body could do to get people to like you?

Would you like to know what they are? Some of these moves you may already be doing, without even knowing how right they are.

Check out the body language hacks in the video below!