How To Be You, The Real You

When we’re born, we’re given a name, a place to live, grow, be schooled—and all of this outside help is supposed to guide us in the outside world.

What about the inside stuff?

Some people grow up and it all just falls magically into place. They love their career, they find the perfect mate, and everything just seems effortless and perfect.

There are people who seem to never know where they’re going in life or what they really want to do. Or, they think they know and then try it, and find out that it’s not it.

How do you know what you want to do with your life?

Easy. Return to the source: you.

be yourself

As children grow into adults and they’re shaped by the guidance around them, the big factor in determining which ones find themselves in lives that feel good to them is simple. They’re the ones who’ve stayed connected to themselves throughout the process. This group stayed intact, and somehow innately knew to make decisions that kept their own alignment strong.

Society is realizing the importance of tuning in. Parents are now better paying attention to their children and helping to guide them in directions that resonate with the child.

If you’re an adult reading this and you’re feeling lost in your identity, it’s a beautiful time to wake up to the authentic version of you.

Life is a cycle, a continual movement of rebirth. We grow, we change. We grow until we stop growing.

So, let’s do this.  Let’s find out who we are.

Get a journal.  Listening to our inner thoughts and feelings is vital in knowing who you are. When you write thoughts down, they come out of your head and your heart and they find a manifested form. After you release this energy, you can then read it again, but from a place of being an observer. Like looking at your own reflection in a pool of water, you can honor your insides by connecting with them outside of you. This is a tremendously powerful place to be. As you practice this often and regularly, you will be amazed at what you learn and how quickly you grow.

journal writing

More writing: consider your life and breeze through it like a social media page. Nothing too heavy, but write down a general timeline and then go through it with “likes.” Meaning, highlight the parts you really feel good with. For example, if you were the star of a high school play and you remember feeling amazing during that time, put a “like” by it. If you had a part time job at the clothing store and you hated working on the register, obviously, no “like” there. As you follow through, you’ll see a bigger vision of the life you’ve lived so far. You can see what worked and what didn’t—and you’ll start to see clearer paths, or new ones form.

Ask good friends to describe your strongest traits. Please don’t go to any critical relatives or “frenemies” with this exercise. We’re looking for objective feedback. When we’re “us” we don’t always recognize our gifts and talents because they’re just a natural extension of who we are. We tend to think everyone responds to life the same way we do—but they don’t.  Each of us has a unique expression to serve the world with. Find good friends who can remind you of yours.

For more signs in the direction of finding you: