Can Enjoying Chocolates Be The New Age Zen?

There are many ways to cope with stress—some better, some worse.

Some ways have side effects—some better, some worse.

It’s kind of like recycling the energy of stress into some other form.

In understanding the effects of mindfulness, of a mind at peace with the world, one could place a small piece of chocolate (dark would be best) on the tongue and feel the sensations. It would not have to be multiple pieces or chunks of chocolate, but one small piece and one mind fully focused on the melting sensations. The body, still, eyes closed, and aware, observing the dissolving sweet matter too.

Stress can feel big, overwhelming, and yet focus can take the smallest piece of attention and rise triumphantly in relation to the misperceived stress. Mindfulness puts balance back into perception, as well as body and mind harmony.

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