What Is A Vision Board And How Do I Make One?

Vision boards are essentially a collage of pictures, images, drawings etc… that represent your vision for your future life. They can be short term or long term, for personal or for business use, and they can be small or large. However, one thing is certain, the more detailed they are, the more accurate they reflect what you want, the better they work.

Vision boards work because they keep all of your thoughts and ideas in place, with a clear visual representation that you can look to whenever you want. Ideally, vision boards are keep in a central place so you can look at them all of the time.

For the lads out there, vision boards are for you too. Put on up in your man cave, or wherever your special place is, and get to work creating an awesome vision for your future. I have admit, when I first did my I was a little ‘this is for kids and girls’, but once I got into it I found it fun and extremely powerful as all of dreams for the future were laid out in front of me. Whats more is that they keep me motivated because I look at them everyday and it reminds me how much I want to succeed!

Here is how you create your own vision board:

  1. Spend some time considering what you actually want so that what you put on the vision board is exactly what you want. Be as accurate as possible. If you want a certain type of partner, find a picture of what he/she looks like and use it. Don’t just stick any old car on the board, find the exact car that you want and use it. The same goes for every other item you want on the board.
  2. Think big and be creative.
  3. Use magazines, photos, sketches, bits and bobs, spare parts… whatever represents your vision
  4. Work on it regularly as your vision for the future changes
  5. Don’t be shy about. Include exactly what you want, ignoring what others may think. Have pride and confidence in what you want for the future you!
  6. Vision boards come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a poster, book or even digital.

As you can see, how to use vision boards is simple. Here is an example for you from Conscious Life Coach:


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