This Is A Superhuman Effort, It’s unbelievable.

James Lawrence just set a new world record for completing 50 full course ironman triathlons in 50 days. What’s more, he did one in each of the 50 states of the United States of America. Talk about an awe-inspiring, gut busting medal deserving performance.

Just in case you didn’t know or needed reminding…an ironman triathlon consists of:

3.8km Swimironcowboy bike

180km Cycle

42.2km Run

That means James Lawrence swam 190km, cycled 3600km and ran 2110km in his 50 day journey. Impressive right? Well, what impresses me as much as the physical achievement is the reason why he took on the challenge.

“It’s for my children. Everything I do, I do for them. I try to set examples for them. I try to set big goals and accomplish them, I want to be around for them as long as I can, and this is my motivation to get up and do those things.”

Lawrence is also raising money to increase awareness of childhood obesity in the US which is a huge social issue reaching epidemic proportions. According to Lawrence “we need to make changes to our lives, and changes to the way we eat as well as to our activity levels…”

It’s a great achievement and just goes to show how unstoppable you can become if you harness the power of the mind. And its no ‘one-off’, as Lawrence already holds two other Guinness World Records for completing a ridiculous amount of ironman events in a short period of time.

Check out more info on the Iron Cowboy here.

Source 1, Photo: @jessakae

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