Addiction Is Not What You Think It Is

Did you know it’s only been 100 years since we, in the western world, made drugs illegal. We went from accepting drugs and drug addicts for who they were, to shaming them, branding them, punishing them and, creating barriers between them and reconnecting with the world.

In this ground breaking TED talk, Johann Hari debunks the long held beliefs about drug addicts, why they become addicts and why they stay addicts. But his talk goes further, he doesn’t just touch on drug addicts, his research is relevant for all addictions.

The opposite of addiction is connection – Johann Hari

It’s especially relevant in our modern society where more and more people are living lonely unfulfilling lives. People these days have less friends, bigger houses and more things. All this results in less real connections and a more lonely life. I’m talking about things like phone addiction, FB addiction, porn addiction, game addiction…

Is this you, or do you know someone? Help by watching this video.

Be prepared to be blown away.

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