High Achieving Daughters And Caring Sons

Apparently working mums have an edge over their stay-at-home counterparts. Well at least Harvard Business Review seems to think so…

Even after controlling for gender attitudes—to take beliefs regarding gender roles out of the equation—the researchers found that 33% of daughters of working mothers held supervisory roles, compared to only 25% of daughters of stay-at-home moms. “What I take away is that employed mothers create an environment in which their children’s attitudes on what is appropriate for girls to do and what is appropriate for boys to do is affected,” McGinn says.

Source Quartz

I am not convinced, but maybe their research does hold some truths and I guess the statistics don’t lie. However, its not like stay-at-home mums sit around doing nothing all day. In my experience its quite the opposite actually, with mums I know running around all day organising the house, taking kids to and from school, organising meals, dropping kids of at sport, doing the shopping etc…this is exactly the same as running a business. I think the difference may in lie in the fact that working mums are away from home and it is this absence that has an impact on the children’s development.